If your business requires that products have different "modifiers" or "options", this setting will allow you to set them up (for example color and size).

The process is very easy, and here we show you how to do it:

  1. The first step is to enter the product module and select "Product options" in the options on the left:

2. Click on "+" or the "+Create"
3. Complete the requested information:
-Basic Information / Name: the name we will use for these options, for example Size, Color, Package, etc.
-Values / New Value: each of the options that this category will have, for example Small, Medium, Large.

Once you have entered all the options, click on Save.

If at any time you need to modify it (Add, change or delete values), you just have to go back to the Products Module, select Product Options, and click on the name of the option you wish to edit.

To associate these options with a product, we share the following tutorial: Link options to a product

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