We know that starting a new business is not easy task, but there is no better way than starting with Fygaro. We will take care of all for your business, from recurring invoicing to payment reminders, and even accounting, your web store and requesting shipments; all so that you can focus on what you do best: your business.

To get started, we have compiled this first steps you must go through: 

  1. Create your first product:  https://support.fygaro.com/en/articles/3269725-crear-productos-y-servicios
  2. Create your first client: https://support.fygaro.com/en/articles/3269730-crear-clientes
  3. Issue your first invoice: https://support.fygaro.com/en/articles/3269739-crear-facturas

Ready to keep going? Check out all our tutorials here!

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