With Fygaro you can receive your invoices automatically by following these simple steps:

STEP 1: Send invoices to receive by email: recepcion@fe.fygaro.com

STEP 2: Go to Billing> Inbox.

In the inbox you will have all the invoices that you send to the email recepcion@fe.fygaro.com and they will look as follows,

STEP 3: Open the document and select the action to be reported ("Accept", "Reject" or "Partially Accept").

STEP 4: Finally, remember to press the "Save" button.

NOTE: If you have accepted the invoice, the corresponding expense will be generated automatically and you can see the details in the Accounting> Expenses module.

  • Remember to accept the electronic documents received no later than 8 calendar days of the following month (for example, if your invoice was issued in January you must accept it within the first 8 days of February)
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