Step 1.

Select "Personal invoice profile" or "Company invoice profile". Complete the information required. 

To have a better understanding about the required information: 

  • Registered name: Legal company name (Could be the same as the Company Comercial name)
  • Legal ID: (optional) Identification number assigned by the Government. (It might also be the taxes ID) 
  • Company: Comercial name (also known as Fantasy or Brand name).

Step 2. 

Add the Contact Information that you would like to show on your invoices and on Fygaro's site. 

Step 3. 

Select Fygaro's version you would like to try/register. It is not necessary to add a payment method for the "Free Trial", and you might also change the Plan once you have registered. 

Note: If you want to accept Credit/debit card payments or launch a shop online with Fygaro Shops, you must choose Fygaro Plus version. 

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